Yuumi from League of Legends will finally be reworked in 2023

Yuumi has been a threat in Summoner’s Rift: she may look sweet and cute, but her opponents usually don’t have a chance to win. (Picture: Riot Games)

The cat is out of the bag: Yuumi, arguably the most hated champion in League of Legends (Lol)will finally receive a redesign in 2023.

The Magic chamois Cat has earned a reputation as one of the most frustrating champions in the game due to her untargetable nature, extremely annoying punch, and powerful shield and healing that often makes her feel more like a buff than a champion in the game.

This frustration even led gamers, both pro and casual, to ask developer Riot Games to “remove Yuumi” two years ago, with gamers even asking why the magic cat is such a “foolish champion that even a real cat could play.” .

According to Riot’s latest blog post, they wanted to “rework Yuumi to be an easy-to-learn enchantress who cares about protecting and enhancing her allies.”

This means the focus would be on how she can help her allies earlier in the game by trading damage and crowd control for more defense.

Unfortunately, the developers have also confirmed that Yuumi will continue to tie herself up with other champions as it is “essential for her to serve her current players and players learning the game.”

The devs are looking to tie Yuumi’s success to lane victory, “making her skills easier to dodge” and balance it out by decreasing her potency on highly mobile champions.

How good was Yuumi in 2022?

Yuumi has been one of the most frustrating champions to deal with, to the point that players have asked her to be removed from the game. (Photo: Riot Games)

Yuumi has been one of the most frustrating champions to deal with, to the point that players have asked her to be removed from the game. (Photo: Riot Games)

While Yuumi is currently only ranked as a tier 4 champion on op.gg, with a win rate of 46.94%, she has the highest ban rate among support champions at 33.47% .

Among the top-ranked pros and players, Yuumi’s ability to move back and forth between allies has been abused and used time and time again to keep champions alive and highly mobile, making her hugely popular at Worlds 2021 and 2022.

Across all regions, Yuumi was a top 10 support pick in competitive play, especially in Summer, where Yuumi synced quite well with the overpowered and reworked Sivir. She was also the fifth most picked champion at Worlds 2022, with a 59.5% win rate.

We’ll have to deal with its antics for a while longer, as the developers mentioned that the redesign is in its early stages.

However, the development team promised to update players with more information on what to expect after the new year.

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