World’s ‘smallest diamond artwork’ unveiled in Amsterdam

Luxury jewelry brand Trophy by Gassan and artist Pablo Lücker have found a way to make diamonds even more precious by unveiling their HE(ART) Diamond Collection.

The limited series of 13 unique diamond-engraved works of art is on display at a luxury fair in Amsterdam and consists of a 2.75-carat crown jewel and 12 1-carat diamonds.

Thanks to Lücker’s artistic skills, the crown jewel, which has the GASSAN 121 patent, has impressive details to add to its excellent polish and symmetry.

“For me, as an artist, it is very, very important that because it is so small, the shape is immediately recognizable. That’s why I also chose to create 13 unique hearts”, says Lücker , who had his work laser engraved on the diamonds.

“You see that first side, you see a heart, which if you look closer, you’re going to see the world in the heart. I think it’s also in life how every heart is different. Every love is different. And that is why I have created 13 unique hearts.”

The smallest piece of art on a 2.75-carat diamond, an engraved heart by artist Pablo Lücker, is on display at a luxury goods exhibition in Amsterdam. – Peter Dejong/Copyright 2022 AP. All rights reserved.

All diamonds in the collection are HRD certified and the certificates include the art that is engraved on the diamond table.

As a footballer you are always looking for something unique. You don’t want to walk into the locker room and see the same watch the other players have on. You don’t want to see the same jewelry.

For Trophy by Gassan, working with an artist is new territory. Calvin Jong-a-Pin, former footballer and diamond and jewelry expert at Trophy by Gassan, understands the desire for unique jewelry.

“As a football player, you are always looking for something unique. You don’t want to walk into the locker room and see the same watch that other players have. You don’t want to see the same jewelry,” did he declare. said.

“When I came to work at this company, I was like, okay, I have to do something new, something groundbreaking. And I’m so glad that thought came to mind. And now , it’s been really, really well received. Everyone is super excited about this project.”

On the first day of the presentation, Trophy by Gassan sold two of the 12 one-carat diamonds, a 2.75-carat crown jewel, and this is also still on display.

The price of a one-carat diamond is €29,500, while the crown jewel is €126,750.

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