“We didn’t give up”

Despite the frustration following UBB’s loss to the Sharks (16-19), captain Jandré Marais was proud of his team. As for the South Africans, Yannick Bru, the assistant coach, speaks of an important victory for the rest of the competition and the qualification.

Jandré Marais (UBB captain after the loss to the Sharks 16-19): “We had a good first half. The problem is discipline (17 penalties), especially in the second half. We stayed in our camp. We didn’t have the ball to string together playing time. We’re proud of ourselves, we played against a very good Sharks team. I am more proud than disappointed. At halftime, I was optimistic (13-9). With more discipline, we could have won this game. But we’re not going to let go. We can still qualify. Everyone assumed that they were going to run over us. But we had a solid match, we are moving forward. We didn’t give up. »

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Frédéric Charrier (UBB coach): “From an accounting point of view, it’s disappointing. The game isn’t going well, there’s frustration. We gave ourselves the means to win this match. They are given points too easily. We lacked discipline, we made too many mistakes, which allowed them to have the ball and wear us out in the second half. We take away that the bench was going to bring us things, but unfortunately, Ben Tameifuna is injured very quickly after coming into play. We are moving forward, but it is the victories that move a group forward. The group needs to win, to reap victories. The spirit is there, but you have to pay with victories. The Sharks are a pragmatic team. The locker room is disappointed. Qualifying will be complicated. »

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Yannick Bru (Sharks assistant coach who did not wish to comment on his possible coming to UBB next year): “We are satisfied with this victory. The guys took a step closer to qualifying, which is the goal. We started the first half badly. We were surprised by the cold, there was restraint in the physical commitment. We lacked realism close to the lines with 5-6 ball losses. The words were a little strong at halftime. In the second half, we were better in the physical dimension. Our vanguards have done a great job. We still had control of the game, even if the meeting could have changed at the end of the match. We lacked automation because we picked up our internationals only ten days ago. Only Stade Toulousain won in Bordeaux this season. It’s a great performance. It’s a match that can serve us for the future. »

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