Tile Bluetooth trackers are on sale on Amazon

When you’re in a rush to get out the door, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a frantic search for your keys, phone, or wallet. Thanks to the geniuses who created Tile trackers, you’ll never miss your commute again or be late for appointments simply because of distraction.

Simply connect these slim Bluetooth devices to your most important things, then sync them with a smartphone app. They will help you find your missing stuff instantly. Plus, there’s a whole bunch for sale on Amazon, including the Slim, the Mate, and even the Sticker. Oh, and they’ll join you in time for the big day.

Never lose your wallet, phone, keys again… (Photo: Amazon)

How it works? Download the Tile app, sync it to the Tile in an empty card slot in your wallet, and throw it in your backpack. Then, rest easy knowing that if you misplace this item, you can simply connect to the app and prompt it to sound a (quite loud) alarm as long as you’re within 250 feet of Bluetooth range. But what if you lose the tile itself, you ask? An entire, completely anonymous Tile Tracker community is on hand to help you – these users all have the ability to send location updates to your phone. Unity is strength !

Take it from this happy customer: “My wallet was lost. I kept getting pings about him coming and going around town. I was finally able to follow him to a trash can. I wouldn’t have Never knew if I hadn’t heard the song. So rude to dig I took it out, but got it back!”

Another user chimes in, “This is the perfect solution for people who live alone, don’t have a second home phone, and need to locate their cell phone. I misplaced my phone somewhere in the house and I need to locate it. Tapping on any of the key tiles does just that. Easy to install app. I also need to locate my mailbox key often as I have to walk outside to a group of community mailboxes. Usually leaves the key in a jacket pocket, but I can’t remember what I last wore. Fits the bill. Great gift too. Works for me!”

Plus, these pups are water resistant, so there’s no need to worry about them getting battered by rain or scorching conditions at the gym. At this great price, the Tile would make a great gift, or for yourself.


tile companion

$18$25Save $7

Do you constantly misplace your keys? Attach it to your key ring and you’ll never turn your house upside down every time your car keys get lost again.

$18 at Amazon

It’s not just for keys either: the Tile Mate is a fantastic way to keep track of your bike, gym bag or luggage. Some reviewers even keep one on their pet’s collar for added peace of mind.

“We use the Tile to track our indoor/outdoor cat Kismet,” one shopper shared. “He has great battery life. He stayed on his collar even while hiking in the woods. We worry a lot less about finding him when we have to bring him back at night or before thunderstorms.”


tile sticker

$20$30Save $10

Can’t stop misplacing your remote? The Tile sticker is great for household items – just place it on anything from your phone to your favorite water bottle and never spend hours looking for it again.

$20 at Amazon

“I had my lawyer write up divorce papers because my wife could never put the TV remote back in her place,” one shopper shared. “Sometimes the remote was under the sofa cushions. Sometimes it was in a drawer in the kitchen. Sometimes it was upstairs! buying that Tile device and it saved our marriage. I haven’t felt that level of rage in a long time.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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