The French of the year 2022 of the planet of extreme sports / board sports and outdoor

From the Beijing Olympics to the X-Games, via the Mountain Bike World Championships in France to breathtaking duels on the trail… A look back at the French performances of extreme sports/boarding and outdoor athletes. World records, gold medals and titles.

Ski and snow: gold, silver and crystalOn the snow last winter, women largely dominated the podiums, in all the disciplines where the French teams shone. At the Beijing Olympics, the two medals (silver) going to freestyle were signed by Chloé Trespeuch in snowboardcross (also 3rd overall in the World Cup) and Tess Ledeux in big air (also author of a very first historic golden double at the X-Games). Fourth in the Beijing Olympics in boss skiing, Perrine Laffont ended her season with the small single globe.

And this is not the only crystal trophy for Les Bleues, since Emily Harrop clearly created a surprise at the Ski Mountaineering World Cup, winning the big globe, just ahead of Axelle Gachet-Mollaret, two small crystal globes in pocket (including the individual, where she remained undefeated – doubled blue with Xavier Gachet). In freeride, it was snowboarder Tiphaine Perrottin who won the only tricolor world title of the season on the Freeride World Tour.

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Paris 2024 Olympic sports shineAmong the extreme and urban Olympic sports on the planet (surfing, skateboarding, climbing, BMX, break), France has had its share of medals, with profiles surely expected at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Anthony Jeanjean in BMX freestyle park (triple European champion, 2nd in the World Cup, including a first victory), Vincent Milou (silver at the X-Games and at Tampa Pro, podium on the Street League), Dany Dann in break (European champion), Mejdi Schalck in climbing (victory in the World Cup), headliner of a promising and ambitious generation with Oriane Bertone and Sam Havesou, European medalists. Mention also to surfers Johanne Defay, 3rd in the world and Maxime Huscenot, who won his place for the pro circuit in 2023.

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Outside the Olympic sphere, we must not forget the incredible year of climber Sébastien Bouin, who achieved a series of impressive performances on the cliff, including the possible second 9c in the world, the toughest outdoor level on the planet. . And to Edouard Damestoy, the very first French skater to win gold at the mythical X-Games this summer and double world champion in green.

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Route: Jornet against D’Haene and BlanchardTwo duels this year have intoxicated the planet trail. Across the Atlantic first, on the trails of Colorado at the end of July, during the Hardrock 100 (one of two American ultra-trail monuments). The legend Kilian Jornet facing François D’Haene, both now four times UTMB titleholders and surely the two best ultra-trailers in history. After a thrilling final, after 160 km and 10,000 m of elevation gain: the title for the Spaniard, in record time (21:36), just nine minutes ahead of D’Haene.

The same scenario repeated itself on the much more publicized UTMB in Chamonix, a little over a month later. The 160 km loop and 10,000 m drop around Mont Blanc was still played with the ultra-terrestrial Jornet, but against another French adversary: ​​Mathieu Blanchard. Third last year, he impressed, confirmed and pushed Jornet to his limits, both falling below the legendary 20 hour mark, only five minutes separating the duo. Two victories for Jornet in front of the French, but races that remain in the annals.

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Mountain biking: the Blues always on topThey have become so used to the taste of gold… The last podium in the World Cup or World Championship without a Frenchman dates back to… 2014. This year again, the Blues of mountain biking descend have left their opponents falling out . At home, at the Worlds, in the burning and exceptional fervor of Les Gets, the French team even offered themselves an incredible hat-trick, with Loïc Bruni’s fifth world title, ahead of Amaury Pierron and Loris Vergier. Pierron flew over the World Cup circuit, winning the overall (for the second time in his career) with 4 wins out of 8, wearing the leader’s bib all season. Myriam Nicole completes the blue raid with a bronze medal at the Worlds and a second place overall in the World Cup.

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Heights and depthsIn other non-Olympic and less institutionalized sports, the extreme Tricolores have also been talked about. Extreme diver Gary Hunt has won a tenth world crown on the Red Bull Cliff Diving circuit (27 meters). At 38, the Franco-British now dreams of the Paris 2024 Olympics. In apnea, Arnaud Jérald has had another crazy year, accumulating several world records (including one at 120 meters during the Vertical Blue in the Bahamas) and two world titles . And outside of any competitive framework, mountaineer Charles Dubouloz has surely signed the most beautiful achievement of the year: a six-day solo on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses, in the Alps, via the Rolling Stones route. A daunting and historic first.

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