The coziest M&S ​​fleece dressing gown is on sale

This cozy dressing gown is now under £25. (Marks & Spencer/Yahoo Life)

With temperatures dropping, the idea of ​​snuggling up on the couch in a comfy dressing gown is more appealing than ever.

So what makes the perfect cozy slip dress? A soft model that’s easy to wear and always looks great when you have to open the front door unexpectedly. Well, we’d like to point you in the direction of this long fleece robe that ticks all those boxes and is currently 20% off M&S sleepwear sale.

And that’s why it turns out to be the dream dressing gown for many savvy M&S shoppers.

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This sleepwear staple is so popular that most customers have given it stellar five-star reviews. And it’s as rare as a parent enjoying doing Elf on the Shelf for the fifth year in a row.

But another thing that sets this dressing gown apart is the fact that it’s actually… elegant. You do not believe it ? Read on to find out more.

Why we review it

Let’s count the ways we love this amazing heat generator.

For starters, the fleece fabric has a gorgeous cloud-like softness that feels great against your skin. And we’re not exaggerating – many customers have commented on how soft it is, including this shopper who said, “Beautifully soft, like a cloud to wear.”

The full-length zipper goes all the way up to the high collar, which means it’s harder for cold air to seep in and cool you down. It keeps you so warm that some buyers said it was perfect when the heater was off.

It's the dream fleece dressing gown and it's on sale.  (MRS)

It’s the dream fleece dressing gown and it’s on sale. (MRS)

This zipper to the top of the high collar to keep the cold out.  (MRS)

This zipper to the top of the high collar to keep the cold out. (MRS)

The wool dressing gown looks so elegant that you can even wear it.  (MRS)

The wool dressing gown looks so elegant that you can even wear it. (MRS)

£24 £30 at M&S

In addition, another advantage is that it has pockets…

It is not really see like a dressing gown. In fact, the long fleece dressing gown is so good that if you can’t stand to take it off, you can wear it over jeans and a sweater or tracksuit bottoms to go shopping.

Available in sizes S-XL, it’s machine washable at 40°C – and it washes and dries very well, according to customer reviews.

What the critics say

With people buying multiples of the fleece dressing gown (including one customer who bought four – for herself, her best friend and two of her granddaughters), it’s the perfect gift for yourself or for his relatives.

In addition to its softness and cuddly factor, M&S shoppers love that this robe has a zipper instead of a belt. And that its quilt-like warmth keeps the chill out even when the heating is off.

  • “This is the most beautiful dressing gown I have ever brought, so soft and comfortable my daughters will wear it all day. Thank you again M&S for the excellent quality always.”

  • “I bought 4 of these, 1 for my best friend, 2 for my twin granddaughters and 1 for me! They are so cozy and comfortable as if I were wearing a duvet!”

  • “Absolutely adore this robe, it’s so soft, so beautiful and so warm. The best I’ve ever bought. Highly recommend it.”

  • “It’s so soft – put it on and you’re warm in seconds – gorgeous color – purrfection!”

  • “A pretty soft and very warm dressing gown, ideal when there is no heating at home.”

Buy It Now: Long Fleece Robe | £24 (was £30) from M&S

£24 £30 at M&S

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