Silvio Berlusconi promises ‘a bunch of prostitutes’ to his football team if they beat their rivals

Silvio Berlusconi – FLAVIO LO SCALZO/Reuters

Silvio Berlusconi has promised he will send “a shipload of w-res” straight into his football team’s locker room if they manage to beat their rivals on the pitch.

The former prime minister made the promise during a Christmas dinner for Monza, the northern Italian team he owns, with a video of his remarks released on Wednesday.

“I told the guys… now you’ll play Milan, Juventus. If you win against one of these top teams, I’ll bring a car full of w-res to the dressing room,” the 86-year-old politician said year.

It was an “incentive” for the players to do well, he added.

His remarks were greeted with laughter and applause. The reaction of his girlfriend, Marta Fascina, 32, who was seated a few feet away, was harder to discern.

“A revolting vulgarity”

But the comments were met with anger by female politicians.

Chiara Appendino, an opposition Five Star Movement MP and former mayor of Turin, condemned what she called “revolting vulgarity” by Mr Berlusconi.

“There are so many miserable and dangerous thoughts behind Berlusconi’s words that it’s hard to know what to say. Some people will say, ‘there is nothing new here, we know what Berlusconi looks like’,” she said.

“But it is unfortunate that her party is in government and so I ask Giorgia Meloni, as the country’s first female prime minister, what she thinks of this revolting vulgarity.”

Laura Boldrini, former speaker of the lower house of parliament, said the remarks were particularly ‘despicable’ because of Mr Berlusconi’s status as a former prime minister, sitting senator and a man who had stood as a candidate to the Italian presidency. earlier this year.

Career filled with scandals

Despite his advanced age, Mr. Berlusconi remains a fixture on the Italian political scene.

His centre-right party, Forza Italia, is a junior member of the government coalition led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

His long business and political career has been filled with offbeat jokes, sex scandals and legal setbacks.

He delights in telling politically incorrect stories to his friends and admirers, including one about a tribe of cannibals, which gave the world the phrase “bunga bunga”.

This phrase came to encompass the steamy parties he threw at his residences in Sardinia and outside Milan, where young models and escorts performed stripteases and dressed up in sexy outfits.

Mr Berlusconi was accused of having sex with a young woman, a dancer of Moroccan descent nicknamed Ruby the Heartstealer.

He was first convicted and then acquitted on appeal in 2015, when judges ruled he could not have known she was a minor at the time of the encounters.

The promise he made to his football team was the “usual misogynistic language…a tasteless joke that leaves you speechless”, said Daniela Sbrollini, an MP from the centrist opposition party Italia Viva.

Mr Berlusconi bought Monza in 2018. The former lower-tier side won promotion to Serie A for the first time last season and beat Juventus in September.

They will face Inter and Juventus again in January and take on Mr Berlusconi’s former club AC Milan, which he owned for 30 years, in February.

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