Sapporo pauses bid for 2030 Winter Olympics

The Japanese city of Sapporo, candidate and favorite to obtain the organization of the 2030 Winter Olympics, has decided to suspend its candidacy, following the corruption scandal which affects Tokyo, host of the Summer Games in 2021.

Japan’s city of Sapporo to halt promotion of bid for 2030 Winter Olympics and plan nationwide poll to gauge public support after Tokyo Summer Games bribery scandal , Last year. These measures have been unveiled, as prosecutors continue to investigate a vast case of bribes linked to Tokyo 2020, these Games which were finally held in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the light of the case concerning (the Olympic Games of) Tokyo, it was determined that we needed to design clean Games said Akifumi Kudo, a local official working on Sapporo’s bid. The Japanese city was considered the favorite to host the Winter Games for the second time (after 1972), ahead of Salt Lake City (USA) and Vancouver (Canada). But the corruption scandal in Tokyo has clouded this candidacy.

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Katsuhiro Akimoto, the mayor of Sapporo, said on Tuesday that the city needed time to develop robust anti-corruption measures to gain public support. ” Rather than running towards the goal and turning a blind eye to our surroundings, we concluded that our priority should be to dispel any public concerns or doubts.did he declare. We will review and publish our operational plan for the Games, while confirming the public will “. Akimoto clarified that Sapporo is still committed to its bid.

The city hopes to finalize a new plan for the Games in the spring and then conduct a national poll to gauge public support. At the beginning of December, the governor of Hokkaido, the northern island where Sapporo is located, had warned that the Olympic candidacy had become problematic. ” Given the series of issues surrounding the Tokyo Olympics, it will be difficult to build momentum as it stands “said Naomichi Suzuki.

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Scheduled for 2023, the choice of the host city is postponedThe corruption scandal linked to Tokyo 2020 has continued to swell in recent months. At the center of the case is Haruyuki Takahashi, a former senior official of the organization of the Summer Olympics, suspected of having accepted bribes to help companies become official sponsors of the event. The scandal also splattered the company that produced the Games mascots, a chain of business costume stores, a publishing house and an advertising agency.

Yoshiro Mori, the former prime minister, who resigned as president of Tokyo 2020 after making sexist remarks, said he was ready in September to be questioned by prosecutors. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had decided in early December to postpone the selection of the host city for the 2030 Winter Games, which was originally to be chosen in the fall of 2023, citing concerns about the consequences of climate change.

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