Rocket League: Itachi, from Morocco to Karmine Corp with the family

Long hampered in his progress in Morocco, the captain of the Karmine Corp on rocket league, Amine “Itachi” Benayachi (19 years old) must be part of his success in understanding and supporting his parents. Meeting with Omar, his father, who has unwittingly become a small figure of the KC on social networks.

At the end of the very long line of fans gathered last Saturday, in Rotterdam (Netherlands), for a photo with the players rocket league of Karmine Corp, Omar Benayachi stamps his feet. His son, Amine, captain at 19 of the favorite team of the first intercontinental tournament of the season, promised him to find a place to watch Morocco-Portugal, quarter-final of the Football World Cup, in the middle of the season. ‘afternoon. But, for now, he has obligations.

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The few hundred supporters present are especially there for the one who nicknames himself “Itachi”, but, at 57, Omar Benayachi is not spared by the selfies: several ultras reject him, congratulate him for the performances of Amine. Since July 2021 and the signing of his younger brother with the Karmine Corp, he has made a name for himself on social networks. He regularly posts messages of support for his boy, interacts with the many fans of the popular French club… And if the latter can rejoice today to have Itachi in their ranks, they undoubtedly owe it a lot to his Parents.

Amine Benayachi was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 2003. He grew up there. His mother and father still live there. And in Africa, where Internet infrastructure is still limited and there are few very good players, it is particularly difficult to break through. Itachi had the talent and the determination to do it. When he ran into a wall, his parents gave him the short ladder.

From Morocco to MadridAll smiles the day after Morocco’s feat – his son finally slipped out of the signing session, Atlas Lions jersey on his back, so as not to miss anything – and after a few minutes of discussion on the Half to come against France, Omar Benayachi rewinds: “ I understood that he had the level, the potential, one evening, when he came to tell me : “Dad, I have qualified for the Worlds” (or rather the RLCS Europe, the continental championship, in March 2017). I was in my bed : “Yes son, but what should I do?” I did not understand anything. “Amine was then only 14 years old and, without playing from Europe, he had just achieved a feat.

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But his team cannot challenge the competition. ” He told me he had to be French and be 15 years oldpursues his father. That, I couldn’t help it. We experienced this frustration with him. It marked him and us too. He was unhappy with this situation, we could see it. “Sensitive to high-level sport and the aspirations of their child, who wants to try for a career, Itachi’s parents then learn about esports and its development, ask themselves questions…” Gaming is not like football, it’s much less structured. But the passion of the little one prevailed over our rationalitysummarizes Omar Benayachi, proud and touching when he talks about his son. So we decided to accompany him “. To progress and turn professional, Amine has no choice: he must leave Morocco.

As he follows a French school curriculum, he must validate his year of Terminale to obtain his BAC. A non-negotiable condition for his parents, a safety net in case of failure or a short career, has chosen common in esports. Unable to enroll him in France, his father struggles and manages to send him to a French high school in Madrid. In 2020, a difficult Covid-19 year, Amine, still a minor, lives alone in the Spanish capital.

Omar, KCorp UltraBut the choice pays off: Itachi signs with the esports section of FC Barcelona, ​​​​which then extends to the highest European level on rocket league, and its tray. The hardest thing is done. “I remember connection problems that prevented him from playing in Morocco, always at the worst time, visa problems, to enroll him in a new high school… Somehow, that may have helped him because that he had to do twice as much as others to progress “, says today his father, who holds a position of responsibility in a food company and realized that if he was able to help his son, this is not the case for everyone. ” There is potential in Africa but it is hard to pass a course “, he breathes.

By signing with Karmine Corp, Amine Banayachi has climbed a new level but… Omar too. If he never misses a match of his son, to the point of having become a fan of rocket league – ” a game close to the foot, which makes you experience the same emotions – he took a liking to the club as a whole. ” I am registered on Twitter to follow Kameto (one of the founders), the KC, the ultras… It’s magnificent. The atmosphere is extraordinary, positive, it sucks a lot but overall with respect. All this amuses me. »

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In Rotterdam, he blends into the mass of supporters who have come to support the best team in Europe since the start of the season in October. But it will still be necessary to wait before seeing Itachi weaken a major title: eliminated in the quarter-finals, Karmine Corp has foiled. ” It’s sports “, Omar Benayachi, classified in a disappointed slide a few meters from the central stage. Amine and his family have struggled to get there, they can still wait a bit.

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