Peloton users bombarded with images of nude women from spam accounts

One of Peloton’s signature spinning classes (Peloton)

Peloton users have been bombarded with photos of naked women on spam accounts created on the fitness platform.

Obscene images featured on new profiles that have been set up and followed existing users on the app.

The company took immediate action after users across Britain were left with obscene images on their exercise bike screens.

A married man, 54, from Queen’s Park was approached by topless user mila30317. His newly created account is not followed by any others.

He told Standard: “It was completely unsolicited and she had imagined herself naked.

“I could see that she had never done a single lap on Peloton. I don’t know why she contacted me, but it’s clearly not for exercise.

“On Peloton, you can become friends and join people for rides and challenges. It’s international so you might meet someone from Toronto or Miami. But this is unacceptable”.

The $3 billion fitness giant apologized and warned him not to click on any links or respond to the profile.

On Reddit, other fans of the fitness bike and treadmill that became popular during the Covid pandemic complained of being targeted.

One runner said: “Has anyone else seen spam users? I just got a notification to say I have a new follower. (I have no follower as I don’t I am not linked to social networks).

“The profile picture is of a nude girl and the bio includes a link to her online spaces.”

This comment received dozens of replies, including one user who added, “I have one too. I didn’t think nudity could be in a profile picture.

Another wrote online: ‘My husband got two requests for nude women today.’

Peloton says it now has over seven million members worldwide. Live classes with instructors are delivered from studios in New York and London that people can stream to their screens.

A spokesperson said: “Peloton takes active action against intentionally created accounts with inappropriate content, including explicit images in their profile picture.

“These explicit images are a direct violation of our standards and terms of service.

“We are actively working to block these accounts and continue to moderate explicit images associated with user profiles.

“Please do not accept or respond to these follow requests.

“We apologize to those who received these subscriber requests and were exposed to this content. This is definitely not the community experience we expect from our Peloton members.

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