“Paris 2024 objective”

Recent winner of the Mauritius Open and selected to compete in the Hero Cup, Antoine Rozner also has a clear objective: to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

You grew up in a family of athletes. Are you inspired by other sports, other experiences?
Yes, and that really motivates me. I talk about it a lot with my mental trainer Makis Chamalidis. He does a lot of sport and he likes to connect me with other disciplines. He knows that I am a sports fan so these are things that speak to me. I went to the Olympic Games in 2021 in Tokyo and I experienced some pretty huge things there. I met the greatest French sportsmen who could exist.

Have these Olympic Games changed you?
That’s a huge reason. When you see the course of action that some athletes inflict on themselves, you say to yourself that you have to do the same thing. Judokas, for example, have a culture of hurting themselves very, very badly in training, which is perhaps a little less so in golf. Last year, I went to the Étoiles du Sport in Tignes. There too, I was really able to talk with other athletes and we were able to attend very strong speeches.

We see that all these athletes do not necessarily come from wealthy backgrounds, that they had to hurt themselves, really suffer to get there. Frankly, it inspires me and it makes me want to hurt myself as much as them and to manage to bring back medals, world champion titles, etc. Paris 2024 is a real goal. So I put a lot of energy into working for that. I want to be on this team in 2024 and relive this Olympic experience. I’m Parisian, I want to experience that at home. The Olympic Games are unique in the world and that motivates me enormously.

The high level in golf is more complicated than the high level in certain sports?
It’s more ungrateful in any case, what. There is no exact science in golf. In athletics, if you run faster, you will be the fastest. In golf, it is not because you are the best player that you will necessarily win the tournament. And that is something rather ungrateful. Then we can judge a great golfer over a career and not necessarily over a period of three or four tournaments. Raphaël Jacquelin and Grégory Havret, for example, are great golfers. They had a very long, very regular, very consistent career. My goal is to be there for the very long term. That’s why consistency in work is even more essential, because you have to be efficient all the time.

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