Netball Australia is dropping mandatory clothing to reduce barriers and better protect players

Traditional netball attire could become a relic of the past after national governing body Netball Australia released more inclusive uniform guidelines which will come into effect in 2023. Previous barriers to entering the sport have been reduced with the new policy document, which aims to recognize the various individual preferences and religious beliefs of players.

Dresses remain an option, but from January 1 players can choose from other options including jerseys, jumpsuits, short or long sleeve shirts, skirts, shorts and long pants – in n any combination. It is also “perfectly acceptable” to wear headgear, the guidelines say, although each uniform choice still has to be submitted and ratified by member associations, all of which have adopted the new rules in Australia.

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“Players are not required to justify their choice of outfit; however, players may be required to provide information relating to the items they wish to wear in order to enable the club or association to facilitate that choice of uniform,” the revised guidelines state.

The move also aims to combat chilly winter mornings or hot summer days on the pitch with the uniform choices available aimed at protecting players from the elements – an area of ​​increasing concern given the weather conditions. changing due to the climate crisis.

The rules will apply bottom-up, with all participants in the sport from community level to Super Netball offering a wider choice of clothing. Next year’s Super Netball pre-season tournament, the Team Girls Cup, will provide professional clubs with a first opportunity to showcase the new options for female players.

“Netball is constantly changing and we need to reflect that in all aspects of our game, including uniform choices,” said Netball Australia executive managing director Glenn Turnor. “This process was a joint effort with our Member Organizations, their Boards and Chief Executives, whereby we collectively identified barriers to be removed from netball.

“We are excited to implement these inclusive uniform guidelines through 2023 and ensure everyone can feel comfortable playing netball. The guidelines have been adopted by all member organisations, which means that all participating netball bodies will be united by the same national guidelines.

The move comes after NSW Netball led a campaign last year to review uniform guidelines following Netball Australia’s 2020 ‘State of the Game’ review which highlighted existing uniform options presenting barriers to many people wishing to start or continue playing the game.

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