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Pakistan v England Score Live Day Three Test Four Updates – RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP via Getty Image


OVER 26: ENG 155/2 (Duckett 75 Stokes 27) chasing 167

Stokes comes down to Abrar and has been mowing for a long time. Salman chases back, covers 20m to try and take the hold but can only achieve it with fingertips as he dives headlong. Stokes canter two. Abrar loses his line, serves one to the toes of Stokes and he sweeps safely for two more. After the captain makes his charging defense for a leg-bye, Duckett is beaten by the googly but outshines him by slipping as he plays down the wrong line. They run two.


OVER 25: ENG 148/2 (Duckett 73 Stokes 22) chasing 167

Maiden for Mohammad Wasim in Duckett as the skiddy quickly finds his line and steady pace.


OVER 24: ENG 148/2 (Duckett 73 Stokes 22) chasing 167

Stokes is caught from his thigh on a big legbreak from Abrar. Pakistan considers burning its latest criticism but wisely clings to it. Stokes taps a single from deep in his crease, Duckett sweeps very well for two then strips off a single from the top edge when he gets his broom out again. The man for that missed shot was too far behind. Babar is hacked on this but he is the captain.


OVER 23: ENG 144/2 (Duckett 70 Stokes 21) chasing 167

Duckett plays a late cut as deft as you could wish to see Wasim, scything him through the third man for four. Everything was very professional today, even with their idiosyncrasies, Duckett with his Basil Brushing, Stokes with his walking shots.


OVER 22: ENG 138/2 (Duckett 64 Stokes 21) chasing 167

Stokes again gives us an example of the defensive charging forward, adjusting to him being a googly from two strides down. It clings to its crease to cut a single stitch. Duckett recovers a 3-foot outside leg reverse sweep and sticks it for two then plays a ramp sweep. Babar sees it coming and runs from slide to leg slide to try and get his hands on it, but he just beats him and runs for four. Reverse, ramp which of Heinz Dukett’s 57 sweeping varieties will he give us next? The Orthodox … and he nails that too, lighting it up in front of the square.


OVER 21: ENG 125/2 (Duckett 53 Stokes 20) chasing 167

Duckett pulls back on the leg and slaps a single through the blanket and Stokes, after another tangle and an ill-timed jab, descends to the court to drive a single into the blankets.

In tribute to the late Terry Hall, whose death was announced yesterday, the trumpeter regales us with Jerry Dammer’s masterpiece, Ghost Town.


OVER 20: ENG 123/2 (Duckett 52 Stokes 19) chasing 167

Abra continues. Stokes works a single with the halfway turn, Duckett, don’t you know, sweeps for a single. Stokes strikes for two, shoving the second, and is hit on the last ball from the pad as he tries to overthrow. Pakistan appeal but refuse the opportunity to review as it knocked them out of line. The trumpeter gives us the 12 days of Christmas. Hmmm.

Here are Ollie Pope’s pre-game thoughts:


OVER 19: ENG 119/2 (Duckett 51 Stokes 16) chasing 167

Spin from one end, slide swing from the other. Wasim rounds the wicket towards Stokes who charges at him then improvises a defensive march forward. Stokes uses his brute strength to drive a four through the toe midwicket, then slaps the attempted yorker who didn’t throw to cover a single. Very little rebound for Wasim. This terrain must have broken the toes of a bat forest over the years.


OVER 18: ENG 114/2 (Duckett 51 Stokes 11) chasing 167

Abrar opens the bowling alley and elicits some pleasant “Oh yahs” from Rizwan. Four point balls, nice steal and shoot but Duckett comes out of the strike with a sweep. He is Mr 360. Not quite Jos or AB but in that category.

Stokes backs up to send a single from his pads to the midwicket.


Bens Duckett and Stokes walk to the middle

The trumpeter pouts and will soon give us Jerusalem.



And welcome to day four coverage of the Karachi Third Test which begins with England 55 short of a historic victory with eight wickets remaining, on the verge of becoming the first team to sweep Pakistan in Pakistan.

Yesterday it was all about Rehan Ahmed and his five wickets and the youngster was crowned with smiles last night, rocking from foot to foot, stroking his chewing gum, while answering questions.

Rehan Ahmed hailed his record five wickets on his debut as a “dream come true” as England moved within 55 runs of a first-ever series win in Pakistan.

“Probably the best day of my life again. Getting a five on my debut was a dream come true so yeah that’s brilliant,” he told BBC’s Test Match Special.

“Obviously I was thinking about it, I’d be lying if I said no, but at the same time I just tried to forget about it more, because the more you chase a wicket it’s not going to happen. So that was good to also have a leg-turning wicket.”

Ahmed was proudest of the ball with which he snatched Mohammad Rizwan.

“I mean I played better balls to not have wickets, so just taking Babar Azam out is a dream come true, he’s a very, very good player,” he said.

“I liked Rizwan’s wicket because I worked pretty hard on my leg rotation for the past two months with Jeetan [Patel, England spin coach]so to get one to twirl it to the other side a bit, that was great.”

England’s chase started in stunning fashion as the required total was quickly reduced to 80 before Zak Crawley’s dismissal for a run-a-ball 41 saw Ahmed surprisingly come down to number three.

However, he only made 10 out of seven deliveries before being beaten by Abrar Ahmed, and looked furious with himself, batting the bat off as he left the field.

“Stokesy just said ‘put your pads on’ and I was like ‘perfect, it’s going to be a great day,'” Ahmed said.

“Just ‘try to finish it tonight’ [was the message from the captain] so that was the plan. I think we would have the same if we had the last seven overs of the day.”

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