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“I sabotaged my proposal FOUR times before my fiancé could finally pop the question”

A woman sabotaged her own proposal FOUR times before her boyfriend could finally pop the question – without her messing it up. Frankie Clark, 27, kept spoiling the moment her partner Andy, 39, was going to propose to her – by making jokes about him putting a ring on her finger. Frankie ruined the moment when Andy, a reverse operations manager, was first going to kneel when she swapped a day with him to hang out with friends who were visiting from Ireland. When Andy planned to pop the question on New Year’s Eve, Frankie decided to go to bed early before a singing gig she had the next day. She dismissed the ideas for his proposal after she walked off stage the next day when she said it would “steal her thunder”. On his fourth attempt, Andy was about to take the ring off while the couple took self-timer photos on a walk, before Frankie jumped in, joking ‘now would be a good time to propose’. Andy finally surprised Frankie on his fifth attempt and asked her to be his wife during a walk on the beach on January 6, 2023 in Bamburgh, Northumberland. Frankie, a personal trainer and trainee therapist, from Morpeth, Northumberland, said: ‘I was always making back jokes about him putting a ring on my finger. “I waved my finger at him as he left for work. “I didn’t realize that I had ruined his proposals four times. “You can see in the photo on our walk on the fourth attempt that he literally had his hand in his pocket in the ring. I ruined it saying, ‘If you want to propose, now would be a really good time. “During our walk, when Andy proposed, I joked again, ‘Do I have to bring the tripod and not cut my nails if you’re going to propose?’ guilty and I struck a chord. “But he didn’t want me to ruin another proposal. “It was really special. We went to do some bubbly afterwards and he told me about all the attempts I had inadvertently messed up. Andy said: “I was disappointed at first which quickly became desperate. “I kept thinking it would never happen. I also wondered if that was a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. “But I’m not a quitter. “When I finally asked Frankie out, it was very emotional. ‘I knew it was the right time because the sun came up, the wind died down and it was just Frankie and me.’ Frankie and Andy started dating in May 2022, after hitting it off like “I could hear him screaming football above me and sending a message and we became inseparable,” Frankie said Andy moved in at Frankie’s apartment in September 2022 and Frankie was so attached to her man that she wanted to make things official with an engagement.” We had talked about it, but Andy didn’t want to rush things because he had already been married and didn’t didn’t want things to go wrong,” Frankie said. But after a bad day, she had a ring designed at her local jewelers. “I had the amethyst stones ordered and everything, but Andy felt the pressure and I had the stones sent back,” she said. “I didn’t know, two months later, he had ordered the ring. “I was still always making jokes like I was making him a Sunday roast and saying ‘wedding material’ to him. Andy first tried to propose in December 2022, but his plans were ruined when Frankie asked spending the day with friends from Ireland. Frankie said. “Turns out he had wanted to propose. On New Years Eve he wanted to propose and planned that we watch the fireworks in London. “I said I wanted to go to bed early because I had a big gig singing ‘I remember waking up at midnight and he was sitting there – all grumpy.’ Andy worked up the courage to try again the next day Frankie’s concert until she told him she didn’t want to hold anything back from that moment. “I said something about not wanting my thunder to be stolen from me,” he she said, “A few days later, we went for a walk with my dog ​​and set up my tripod to take pictures. “I ruined it by saying ‘if you want to propose, that would be a really good time. “He had his hand on the ring.” Eventually, Andy asked Frankie to be his wife on January 6, 2023, during a windy walk on the beach, but she nearly ruined that attempt too. “But the sun came out while we were on the beach, and it turned to me with all red eyes and said, ‘I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you.’ “He got down on his knees and asked me to be his wife. I was like ‘oh my god, it happens.’ “I asked him at the restaurant how long he wanted to propose, and he was like, ‘Frankie, you’ve wasted four proposals.’ “But he knows that’s typical of me.” The happily engaged couple plan to marry overseas in the next few years.

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