Julia Roberts Wears Another Ridiculous George Clooney-Inspired Outfit

Julia Roberts and George Clooney had a blast promoting their new rom-com (Getty Images)

Julia Roberts has returned to her role as the reigning queen of romantic comedy after a series of more serious roles, and she couldn’t say more clearly that she is Finished to be serious.

Roberts has been promoting his rom-com movie Ticket to Paradise for the past few months alongside co-star George Clooney, cementing himself as rom-com stars.

The couple had fun with their promotion of the film, to say the least. In an interview, Roberts and Clooney flirted so openly that they were described as having done “more for rom-coms and romantic chemistry in this one Vanity Fair interview than any rom-com in the last decade. “.

For another of their press tour outings, an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the duo showed up in coordinating costumes, laughing and smiling arm in arm for papparazzi shots.

Roberts’ suit was particularly fun – a selection of his stylist Elizabeth Stewart from the Gucci x Adidas fall 2022 collaboration. Clooney’s suit was his classic Nespresso-ad token, but looked very fresh when paired with Roberts fashion couture.

But last night was Roberts’ piece de resistance. For the 45th Kennedy Center Honors, the actress wore a chic, understated black Moschino dress…featuring dozens of images of George Clooney’s face framed and printed all over the fabric.

To be fair, she wore it in honor of Clooney as her life and work were celebrated during the Kennedy Center Honors, making her outfit as supportive as it was goofy.

Stewart, Roberts’ stylist, posted a photo of the back dress on Instagram to show off Clooney’s full range of photos, thanking Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott for bringing the concept to life and hashtag the image “#juliaframedgeorge”.

Roberts in another custom outfit choice, this time in honor of her husband and children (Getty Images for Universal)

Roberts in another custom outfit choice, this time in honor of her husband and children (Getty Images for Universal)

It’s not Roberts’ only hyper-custom outfit choice – she wore an Alexander McQueen dress to the premiere of Ticket to Paradise that was adapted to feature her children’s initials and birthdates, as well as the wedding anniversary of her husband and her, in a tribute to her loved ones.

It looks like Roberts really threw away the red carpet rules and does what she wants now. And there’s only one downside: as of now, there’s no video of George Clooney’s reaction to the dress.

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