Jeremy Clarkson should be banned from TV after Meghan Markle’s ‘grotesque’ comments, MP says

An MP has written to the chief executive of ITV demanding that Jeremy Clarkson be taken off the air completely, following his controversial remarks about the Duchess of Sussex.

John Nicolson, SNP Shadow Culture Secretary and MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, shared a letter addressed to Dame Carolyn Julia McCall, who has been chief executive of ITV since 2018, on Twitter.

MP John Nicolson wrote on Twitter: “Following the farcical comments made about the Prime Minister and the Duchess of Sussex, I don’t think Jeremy Clarkson should be allowed back on our screens. I have written to the Chief Executive from ITV.

In the letter, Nicolson writes: “As a Member of Parliament and a journalist by profession, I have always defended the freedom of the press. However, it crossed a line.

“To use the names of a democratically elected First Minister of Scotland and the Duchess of Sussex alongside that of a serial killer is preposterous,” he continued.

“To express a scatological and misogynistic fantasy that Meghan Markle might be assaulted with feces is a glimpse of a disturbed mind, openly expressing violent hate speech.”

He concluded: “I don’t think Mr. Clarkson should reappear on our television screens. It would be particularly inappropriate for him to be used as a presenter by a public service broadcaster.

Nicolson went on to say he doesn’t believe Clarkson aligns with ITV’s aim to “connect with millions of people and inspire positive change”.

He noted that thousands of complaints have been filed with the Independent Press Standards Organization (Ipso) about the column since it was published last Friday.

The MP also noted that there was “considerable public interest in how ITV is responding”, as Clarkson apparently shows “no repentance” for his words.

In his editorial for The sunPosted on Friday, December 16, Clarkson, 62, wrote that he dreamed of the day Markle would be forced to parade naked across Britain as crowds chanted “shame” and threw “feces” at him.

Following the column, Clarkson was criticized by public figures, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Other critics include Clarkson’s own daughter, Emily, who has previously spoken out against misogyny and online harassment.

On Monday, December 19, Clarkson posted a tweet addressing the backlash against the column.

“Oh my god I kinda stepped foot in it,” he wrote.

“In a column I wrote about Meghan, I made an awkward reference to a scene from game of thrones and it went wrong with a lot of people. I am horrified to have done so much harm and will be more careful in the future.

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