‘it’s never done alone’

Russell Brand marked 20 years of sobriety by thanking his friends and family for helping him overcome addiction in a heartfelt video.

The comedian, 47, tackled his drug and alcohol problems in 2002 after three months in rehab.

Reflecting on the feat, the Get Him To The Greek star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show his gratitude to “everyone who has helped” him stay clean for two decades, and admitted, “it doesn’t is never done alone”.

He shared in the clip, “I’m 20 years clean and sober today. It’s December 13th. So, first of all, I wanted to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped me. helped to stay clean and sober.

The actor noted that while achieving and maintaining sobriety is “often viewed and celebrated as a personal accomplishment,” he considers it “a community and spiritual element.”

He continued: “What I have been taught and shown is that it is impossible for a person like me not to drink or use drugs unless I receive sufficient ongoing support from people who understand what it’s like to feel like drugs or alcohol, or you know that certain behaviors are necessary to feel good.

Brand celebrated the achievement by thanking those who helped him (Instagram/RussellBrand)

Brand explained that the goal of recovery is to wake up from an “attachment world,” and it’s still an “ongoing process” as he overcomes his need to find “distraction from the outside world.”

He added: “Because I still feel, every day at 20 without crack or heroin, without alcohol, always strongly, a strong demand – a strong demand – to seek approval or connection or validation or pleasure or distraction from the outside world.”

The Forgetting actor Sarah Marshall also told followers who may be struggling with similar issues that it “is possible to change” and work towards a better life.

He said: “There is a way back to dignity, there is a way back to responsible and caring behavior – it’s all possible.”

Brand went on to admit he was ‘grateful’ to have had the chance to live a different addiction-free life to become a father and husband, revealing, ‘I don’t live in the reckless, dangerous and selfish way that I do. used to live.”

The British star opened up about her battle with addiction in her 2017 book Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions and has previously credited yoga and transcendental meditation with helping her overcome her struggles.

The Death on The Nile actor, who was previously married to Katy Perry, married his second wife Laura Gallacher, 31, in August 2017.

The couple welcomed two daughters, Mabel, six, and Peggy, four.

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