Five ways to dress for the cold in style

Woman in a coat – Edouard Berthelot

Is it really possible to look stylish in a snowstorm? For some it might not seem like a priority, but for many it’s a necessity – who wants to show up to the board meeting, Christmas lunch or charity singing concert with icy hair and soggy diapers?

As the Trondheim Troll hits the UK, with one degree highs by Sunday, there are some clever wardrobe tricks worth employing. It’s time to layer up the layers the smart way, whatever your plans.

The cold commuter

Can you think of a December cross breeze as strong as the one blown across the platform by a passing freight train at 6 a.m.?

A commuter who values ​​their all-weather suit should invest in an extra hidden layer: the quilted liner. Slimline, but with a decent tog count, the vest offers extra insulation without ruining the fit of your jacket.

The choice of color is very important for this particular item. Arket’s version is available in orange (too much life jacket) or turquoise (a little charitable vest), but also in classic navy, gray and green.

The cozy homebody

There are drafts in the house, and therefore it is tempting to walk around in a mixture of layers. Instead, try an elevated fleece.

It’s not a tired fleece, matted with stains and faded in the wash. This is a statement piece, offering a pop of color to make basic leggings look like something when next door Gail knocks to collect her package.

The Plumo range of gilets is second to none (choose from an array of colours) or see Roksanda’s collaboration with Barbour for the ultimate hoodie.

The chilly singer

Maybe it’s a night at the theater with friends, or candlelight caroling at the local church. You’re technically inside, so keeping your jacket on would be a mistake, but if you take it off, you’ll freeze.

This dress code calls for a stylish, warm jacket that can be the outfit, layered with fine knit tops or even thermals underneath. Zara offers many buckle options, all fully lined and with speckled colors to suit everyone.



Left to right: quilted liner jacket, £59,; Hoodie, £130, Roksanda x Barbour at; Textured blazer, £32.99,

The fast runner

There are occasions when only a heavy pump will do. Whether it’s taking the dog for a quick walk or rushing to the supermarket for more hot chocolate, the priority is to find a coat that looks like a duvet.

There are options for every budget on the high street, but if you’re looking for something more special, Paloma Wool’s tie-dye jacket or a brightly colored jumbo coat from Marni and Uniqlo’s collab would up the ante .

The frozen football fan

The beer gardens aren’t as warm as they used to be. You might be planning to watch the next game against England in the pub, intending to soak up the atmosphere for at least the first half away before returning inside. inside to defrost.

In addition to thermals and sweaters, why not wear a brushed wool jacket and another coat over it? Reiss’ smart plaid style is perfect – the pattern will serve to break up all the layers.



Left to right: Eclipse down jacket, £270,; Checked zip coat, £178,

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