Did Katie Holmes single-handedly bring back the dress-over-jeans look?

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Did Katie Holmes go viral with another puzzling fashion trend?

She did it with the cashmere cardigan and matching bralette moment in 2019 – when photos of her hailing a taxi and wearing an oatmeal knitwear ensemble by Khaite flooded the feeds and rejected a thousand street cardi-bra combos.

This weekend she did it again – but with a divisive new look. It was at the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden where the actress walked the red carpet in jeans and a dress. Specifically, a cobalt strapless mini dress worn over blue jeans and paired with a pair of New Balance sneakers.

Katie Holmes at the Jingle Bell Ball (Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Katie Holmes at the Jingle Bell Ball (Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Yes, wearing jeans with dresses is back. We said it wouldn’t happen to flares, and it did. We said it wouldn’t come low, and it did. Now we face the final boss.

It’s this exact attitude (read: fear) that has made Holmes’ Jingle Ball so controversial: is it another Y2K trend that we whistle and spit on, before finally reluctantly leaning into it? Or is that a step too far, even amid the Noughties-birth?

Queen of style: Katie Holmes at a Bulgari party in October (Getty Images)

Queen of style: Katie Holmes at a Bulgari party in October (Getty Images)

For now, the jury is split. One Twitter user mourned Holmes’ previous looks, saying: “Actually I don’t have a witty tweet for this, I’m just very disturbed. Like this CANNOT BE the Katie Holmes who served in a sweater and a Khaite knit bralette just two summers ago.

Another focused on her shoe choice, which clearly seems to be a sticking point, simply joking, “Katie Holmes should be in jail for that.”

However, many have come to the defense of Katie Holmes – suggesting that we as a society might be more receptive to the “jress” look than previously thought. “This is what real Y2K is, but y’all are not ready for this conversation,” one tweet read.

Another argued that if this look was worn by a more typical “fashion girl”, the attitude towards her would be entirely different. “If Bella Hadid wore this, you would sing a different tune, I’ll tell you.”

People have commented on the possibility that Holmes’ style is “regressing,” but maybe she’s just more advanced than all of us, and we’re not brave enough to admit it. After all, she was recently spotted wearing skinny scarves, super cropped (above breast level) sweaters and huge jeans that wouldn’t look out of place on any of Kris Kross’ boys.

Katie Holmes is at the forefront of the Y2K resurgence — she’s just wearing all the daring looks none of us are brave enough for.

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