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Fashion photographer Corina Lecca, who worked in tandem with her husband Dan for decades, has died aged 75.

She was experiencing some discomfort and was at Nuvance Health Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, at the time of her death on Tuesday, according to her son Sacha.

Plans for a tribute have yet to be discussed.

From the 1980s, the Leccas found themselves in the photographers’ pit at the end of the catwalks in New York and other fashion capitals. Her husband, also self-taught, was the first to venture into the field. At the start of her career, Corina Lecca worked for the New York Times, but most of her career was spent shoulder to shoulder with her husband. He declined to comment until a later date.

For many in the fashion crowd, the Leccas were an inseparable duo. From her son’s perspective, she was “very patient and more of a saint”, which provided the public face of the family business. Before getting into magazine publishing, Sacha Lecca, now deputy editor of Rolling Stone, had the opportunity to help out her parents during the hectic fashion weeks.

This close-up view revealed their respective styles as well as a divide-and-conquer approach, with the husband-and-wife team stationed in different spots at the end of a designer’s trail. Unlike other photographers, they preferred to go beyond the limits to cover everything. Sometimes one focused on full track plans, and the other zoomed in on props or other details.

Such cramped quarters and such unity would be too much for many couples, but not for them. As to why, their son said: ‘It would be the same answer, if you had asked, ‘Why could a couple have such a good marriage for 53 or 54 years? The thing is, it was really an extension of their life and their way of working. They loved what they did. They each had their strengths and they balanced each other very well.

Born in Berkeley, California, to a father who was in the foreign service and an artistic and eclectic mother, Corina Lecca had two sisters. Growing up, the family lived in different cities including Washington, D.C. and Bangkok due to her father’s role.

As a young woman, she traveled to Romania to visit one of her sisters, who was there at the time. During this trip, she met her future husband, who was born in the country. Stunned upon meeting, the couple had an abridged courtship, with neither about to be deterred from getting married. At that time, Dan Lecca performed in a popular Bulgarian band, Koral. Years later, when the couple’s twins Sacha and Samantha were born in a London hospital (the preferred place for quality care over Bucharest), Dan Lecca learned of their arrival backstage at a spectacle.

Early in their marriage, the Leccas lived in Rome for some time before moving to the United States, to Queens, New York. Italian was among the languages ​​spoken by the multilingual couple. Shooting fashion shows around the world, they were part of a pack of a few hundred photographers specializing in this type of reportage, and hopping from one city to another. They excelled in the medium before influencers and bloggers proliferated. “It was a very specific and unique setting of fashion show photographers,” said Sacha Lecca.

Their level of commitment was so intense that the couple regularly walked in shows they hadn’t been hired to do, because they believed in the work these – sometimes unheralded – designers were doing. “Often their presence would be an indicator that something special was going on. [there]“said Sacha Lecca. “They knew the industry so well. I was always impressed with how well they could navigate the industry so well. I think that’s why they lasted so long [in it].”

Fern Mallis, who watched the Leccas in action at New York Fashion Week during his CFDA years, described them Wednesday as the godmother and godfather of the photographers’ pit. Small, but strong, Corina Lecca impressed Mallis with how she could lug heavy equipment from show to show season after season. “There was no one nicer or nicer.” Mallis said.

After participating in editing their runway photos here and there, he said that while runway photography seems to be pretty easy, it’s not. What struck him was “how rare it would be for his parents to miss a moment or a look,” he said, adding that his mother had a knack for capturing nuance, whether the gesture of a model’s hand or the way she waved at him. head. “Sometimes it makes the difference between a very appropriate image of a model on a catwalk and a more elegant photograph that can stand on its own.”

Accustomed to having worked up to her knees, Corina Lecca was always keen to follow the news, fashion trends and read avidly, the mysteries of Agatha Christie and Patricia Cornwell being her favorites. Along with maintaining an up-to-the-minute fashion sense, she was also open to being introduced to new music. A few years ago, she attended a punk music festival in the woods of upstate New York with her son and “she had a blast.”

Predeceased by her two sisters, Lecca is survived by her husband, as well as their son and daughter, director and producer as well as partner of Polo Grounds Films.

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