Couple guilty of luring their ex to fake reunion in ‘honeytrap’ shooting

Daniel Gaudin (L) was jealous of Shannon Rule’s (R) ex (Met Police)

A ‘jealous’ man who conspired with his girlfriend to lure his ex into a place and repeatedly shoot her has pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

The 25-year-old victim was repeatedly shot by Daniel Gaudin in front of terrified shoppers after he enlisted his girlfriend Shannon Rule to hold a fake reconciliation meeting.

He has suffered serious injuries and has required ongoing medical attention since the June 22 broad daylight attack.

Kingston Crown Court heard that Rule had an affair with the victim and Gaudin.

Gaudin sent a number of threatening text messages to the victim after finding out.

The abusive texts escalated into violence when Gaudin used Rule to lure the victim to a meeting near his home in Morden, where he planned to shoot him.

The victim agreed to the “honeytrap” meeting thinking he would meet Rule alone.

Gaudin and Rule traveled to Morden by train from their home in Waltham Forest where Rule met the victim.

Suddenly, Gaudin appeared on the corner of Central Road and shot him several times without warning. Dozens of people shopping at a nearby Sainsbury’s witnessed the shooting.

Gaudin and Rule fled the scene together immediately afterwards, but became confused with their escape route which led them back to the crime scene at Central Road.

Armed police were waiting for them and apprehended them.

During interrogations, Rule denied knowing that Gaudin had a gun or intended to shoot the victim.

Her lies were quickly unraveled when officers discovered a series of texts she had sent to the victim warning him of Gaudin and that he was in possession of a gun.

On Thursday December 22, Shannon Rule, 22, of Ashwood Road, Chingford, was convicted of attempted murder.

Daniel Gaudin, 23, of Cranleigh Close, Waltham Cross, had pleaded guilty to attempted murder at an earlier hearing.

DI Iain Wallace, the officer who led the investigation, said: ‘Our thoughts are first and foremost with the young man whose life changed in an instant following a shocking and utterly unnecessary act of wanton violence, born of Gaudin’s jealousy and insecurity.

“He had no idea what would happen that day and the terrible injuries he suffered will mean he will need help for the rest of his life. Hopefully the convictions we have Views today will give him and his family some comfort.

“Gaudin and Rule will now pay the price for their ruthless and calculated attack with their freedom.”

Gaudin and Rule are due to be sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on January 19, 2023.

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