Coronation Street Spider confesses to Toyah after bomb blast

coronation street spoilers follow.

Spider eventually revealed to Toyah that he was an undercover cop on Coronation Street.

Wednesday’s (December 21) episode centered on Max’s decision to go camping with Griff and his gang, despite David warning him against it.

Max quickly regretted his decision when it turned into a survival training mission where Griff had him race through the forest.


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Spider grew concerned when Max fell and injured himself while jogging, but Griff and the gang pressured Max to “resist”. Max then flatly refused when Griff ordered him to skin a rabbit for their dinner.

“I’m really starting to wonder if you’re ready for all this yet,” grumbled Griff as a crestfallen Max walked away.

Spider tried to comfort him, but when Spider insisted it didn’t matter what Griff thought of him, Max made it clear he wanted to impress the leader of the group.

When Max went to change sweaters before the group went “for a little ride”, he discovered that they were hiding a bomb in the trunk of the car.

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Max grew increasingly worried during the ride, especially when they all noticed a burning smell. The crew exited the car just before it exploded, with Max being carried unconscious.

As Spider rushed to the scene, he demanded to know, “What happened? Looks like a bomb went off.”

Griff dodged all questions, instead having his team “sort” the burning car while he accompanied Spider to transport an unconscious Max to the hospital.

Griff impersonated David to trick hospital staff while Max was treated for multiple burns and a concussion. He pressured the youngster to lie to the nurse that it was propane that had burned him.

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Spider returned to Weatherfield, where he eventually broke down with Toyah and confessed what was really going on with his undercover operation.

“I’m not racist. I’m not a thug. I’m not one of Griff’s lackeys like the others. I’m doing this to try and stop them before he hurts someone else” , insisted Spider.

Toyah was stunned by the revelation, ordering Spider to “stay away” and leave her alone…

coronation street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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