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With the holidays approaching, delivery is in overdrive — but even outside of the holiday season, three in four Americans report receiving at least one package delivered to their doorstep each week (22% daily). The cost? Americans spend an average of $817 a year on shipping and delivery per person — $850 if you’re a late-night shopper or over $900 if you’re Gen Z.

To better understand the current delivery and shopping habits of American consumers, Circuit, the delivery technology company, surveyed more than 1,000 American consumers and asked whether the growing popularity of e-commerce has changed America’s dependence at the delivery. The answer, Circuit researchers said, is yes.

Between the pandemic, long work hours, hectic schedules and general fatigue, there are many reasons why Americans are turning to delivery, with 88% of survey respondents saying they have increased their deliveries in the past two years. . For most consumers, delivery was primarily a matter of convenience, with 54% citing it as their main reason for ordering online. Other common reasons, including being too busy to go out (34%), being too tired to go out (30%), being busy with children (22%) and being stressed about work (19%), echo the convenience of delivery.

And consumers are willing to pay for convenience. By examining both Google search trends and its proprietary searches, Circuit found that the average annual amount spent on shipping and delivery increases as age decreases.

Baby boomers spend an average of $453.70 on shipping and delivery, compared to $747.20 for Gen X, $899.20 for Gen Y, and $901.20 for Gen Z.

When it comes to the frequency of package deliveries, Circuit found that 64% of men receive packages daily, compared to 36% of women. Additionally, people of different population densities reported receiving packages at varying rates, with 29% of consumers in rural areas receiving packages daily, compared to 24% in urban areas and 16% in suburban areas.

Late-night shoppers were a separate category, with 9% of survey respondents saying they typically shop online at night. These late-night shoppers are more likely to buy shoes, beauty and skincare products, home decor, or laptops and electronics.

For all consumers (male and female), clothing and footwear were the most commonly delivered products and the most commonly auto-shipped items. The second most delivered item to women was tied between beauty or skin care products and groceries. For men, groceries were the second most frequently delivered item, followed closely by shoes.

The items with the most shipment growth over the past two years were pet supplies (34%), CBD products (33%), skincare (31%), sports equipment (25 %) and automotive parts (21%).

As previously reported by WWD, consumers are more thoughtful when shopping in light of inflation and the economic downturn, and most people reported feeling joy and excitement when receiving a package of an online order. Only 8% said they felt remorse.

The Circuit report authors said that even with inflation driving higher shipping costs, consumers are more dependent on delivery than ever and will likely remain consistent as Americans continue to value convenience.

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