Angela Rayner backs railroad strikes and tears: ‘The system is completely broken!’

Angela Rayner tore up the train companies during her interview with the Today show on Tuesday

Angela Rayner tore up the train companies during her interview with the Today show on Tuesday

Angela Rayner took up the defense of the railway unions who will strike at Christmas, stressing that “the system is completely failing”.

Speaking the day after the Railway, Maritime and Transport Union announced new strikes from Christmas Eve until December 27, the MP Work The chief suggested that poor rail service is “costing the northern economy dearly.”

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that RMT general secretary Mick Lynch was doing a “good job” for its members, trying to negotiate better wages, job security and better working conditions.

“Anyone who has watched an interview can see the frustration Mick Lynch witnessed trying to walk around the table and resolve the issue.

“It’s so frustrating what’s happening on our railways right now – even without the strikes – these companies are not honoring their contracts and the system is completely broken.”

Rayner also pointed out that the unions “want to find a solution”, while “the companies do not suffer any financial loss for their incompetence”, because they are compensated by the government.

“It’s the workers taking industrial action who are losing their wages, so it’s not an easy decision for them, and it’s the public who are embarrassed because they can’t catch a train.”

She told herself that she had to “pray” that her trains would arrive on time and that she would arrive at her destination.

The MP for Ashton-under-Lyne said: “It’s particularly expensive for the northern economy because the rail network is so poor.

“This is a bigger and bigger problem and the government has failed to deliver and hold these companies to their contracts outside of industrial action.

“It doesn’t surprise me that they are unable to get a deal at the moment, as they have shown their sheer incompetence.”

In supporting disruptive industrial action, Rayner’s words were much stronger from the position held by the leader of his party. Keir Starmer tuesday.

He told ITV Hello Brittany Monday: “Both sides need to compromise, both sides need to complete the negotiations and the government needs to move them forward.”

The new strike action comes on top of the previously announced walkouts scheduled for December 13-14 and 16-17.

The union confirmed it would take Network Rail’s latest offer to its members, but advised them to reject it.

Lynch said on Monday it was unfortunate that the union was “forced to take this action due to the continued intransigence of employers.”

He added: “We remain available for discussions to resolve these issues but we will not give in to pressure from employers and government to the detriment of our members.”


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