A return not so simple for Brigitte Henriques at the head of the CNOSF

Brigitte Henriques reimbursed her first board of directors on Thursday after two months of rest and announced that she had reimbursed the €4,184 in costs that the internal audit identified as unjustified.

Brigitte Henriques performed her first board of directors on Thursday afternoon after two months of rest. I feel very good and at 100% of my abilities “, explained the president of the CNOSF, who recalled ” the remarkable work done by the quartet of leaders who repeated it during his absence. Michel Callot, treasurer and member of this quartet, presented the results of the financial audit decided last September, ” when we felt the crisis was brewing “, andexplains the president of the French Cycling Federation.

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document one developed some question marks “, he continues, in particular on “ errors or loss of supporting documentss” or even “ reallocated taxi fares for a total amount of €4,184. They were reimbursed by the president. ” It was quite violent for Brigitte “, recognizes one of the participants, who continues:” Michel Callot told us that it was not a voluntary act but I wonder about the breach of trust “.

The treasurer let Eric Tanguy, president of the French Volleyball Federation, who represents the group of opponents to the president, consult the ledger of accounts and he continues his research. “Everyone has retained the methodology and transparency shown by this audit “, believes Brigitte Henriques who specifies that she was not paid during her absence.

The desire is to move on. We want to dissociate the complaint of the two leaders (Brigitte Henriques against its former secretary general Didier Séminet and vice versa) of the functioning of the CNOSF. We know that they will pollute it but we want to highlight the projects because we continue to work “, explains Jean-Pierre Siutat, president of the French Basketball Federation and member of the quartet. ” The board of directors in its quasi-unanimity wants to turn the page. That don’t mean it won’t leave a mark “, confirms another member on condition of anonymity.

“We have not purged the crisis. We are not yet in a construction process “Adds another who is not in any camp. Guy Drut, member of the IOC and by right of the CNOSF, was absent but David Lappartient, another French member of the IOC, read the letter he sent to the members of the Board, in which he noted that the situation is not unsustainable and calls for a return to the polls. ” The CNOSF works, it’s not a mess “, retorts Brigitte Henriques who will not let go. In her office on the 6th floor, she shows her roadmap posted on the wall. One of the big projects for 2023 is to prepare the French club for La Villette, which will cost 11 M€.

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