2 in 5 think bachelor/bachelorette parties are more fun than the wedding itself

According to a new study, two in five people believe that bachelor/bachelorette parties are more memorable than the wedding itself (42%).

A survey of 2,000 adults examined feelings around “last night of freedom” traditions and found that people find bachelor/bachelorette parties to be more fun (58%) and memorable (44 %), than hot or tacky (13% and 12%).

Americans have an opinion or two on what makes a good bachelor/bachelorette party since the average person has been to about three in their lifetime.

A third of respondents no longer frequent gentlemen’s clubs (34%) – particularly women (42% versus 25% of men).

Many are also ready to stop having explicitly themed items (29%) or visiting a casino (22%), deeming these traditions corny.

Conducted by OnePoll for CheapCaribbean, the survey found that while bachelor/bachelorette parties can invoke images of celebration and mayhem, 65% believe they should be an opportunity for the groom or bride to relax and that the guest group should cover all expenses for the party (55%).

From drinks to hotels and all other party entertainment, the average person expects to spend around $313 as a guest to attend a bachelor/bachelorette party, with men typically budgeting around $100 from more than women ($364 versus $263).

The average respondent also thinks the ideal bachelor/bachelorette party should last two days and be limited to 10 guests, although a third would be willing to party with a larger crowd (34% ).

People prefer parties at an all-inclusive resort where they don’t have to worry about anything (27%) or a busy city where there’s lots to do (16%).

While many people would prefer to be invited to local bachelor/bachelorette parties (42%), almost one in four said they would go as far as necessary (24%).

And half of respondents would prefer a balanced mix of activity and relaxation, and a further 27% say they prefer to spend their time relaxing.

“There really is nothing quite like hosting your bachelor/bachelorette party in a unique destination surrounded by your friends and family,” said Dana Studebaker, vice president of brand marketing at audience at Apple Leisure Group. “Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, sipping cocktails, or exploring a destination’s nightlife, this final getaway makes for the perfect pre-celebration before you say I do.”

Regardless, some favorite plans for the event include dining out (62%), brunch (49%), or a sleepover/hotel party (38%).

With all this in mind, half of those polled are convinced they could throw someone the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party (49%).

But they don’t always go perfectly. Among those who had one, they would change a few things, such as the activities they did (35%) or who was invited (28%).

Thirty-seven percent would choose to change where they held their party, wanting to choose somewhere other than a small town (24%) or a popular vacation destination (15%).

However, people also reflected on some of their happiest moments from their bachelor/bachelorette parties, such as “dancing and having fun”, going skydiving for the first time and having a “drinking contest”.

Survey methodology:

This randomized, double-consent survey of 2,000 nationally representative Americans was commissioned by CheapCaribbean between November 9 and November 15, 2022. It was conducted by market research firm OnePoll, whose team members are Fellows of the Market Research Society and are Corporate Fellows for the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion Research and Marketing (ESOMAR).

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