1 in 3 Americans will buy Christmas gifts 2 months in advance

The early bird gets the best gifts — a third of Americans start planning their holiday gifts at least two months in advance.

That’s according to a new survey of 2,000 Americans who plan to give gifts this holiday season, balanced by age, gender and region, where the average respondent begins planning their gifts about six weeks before the holiday season begins. holidays.

When searching for the perfect gift, average respondents seek advice from two different people.

That may be because a third of respondents say they feel more pressure to find the perfect gift for their family than their friends.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, the survey found that the average respondent has received the perfect gift four times in their lifetime and thinks they have given the perfect gift to someone else five times.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents say they can tell if someone likes their gift or not as soon as they open it.

More than half (53%) of respondents have lied to someone about liking the gift given to them, although 50% will end up keeping it anyway.

Two in five respondents say their mother is the best gift giver in the family.

Nearly a quarter (23%) say their children are the easiest people to shop on their list, while most respondents (17%) say their partner is the hardest person to shop for.

When it comes to defining the perfect gift, 35% say it’s imaginative and not something they would buy for themselves.

Another 35% define it as something they specifically asked for, while 30% prefer it to be something practical.

Respondents also described other things that make a gift perfect – one respondent wrote, “one that is totally unexpected and makes the recipient happy and full of smiles”.

Another said simply “everything thoughtful”.

Just over a third (36%) of respondents deal with getting a less than perfect gift by pretending to like it, while 17% are likely to exchange it.

“Gifting is such a special tradition during the holiday season – it’s a personal and thoughtful way to let someone know you care,” a Minted spokesperson said. “Whether big or small, it’s ultimately the thought behind the gift that makes it perfect for the recipient.”

This year, almost two-thirds of respondents (61%) agree that inflation will have an impact on the types of gifts they buy this year.

Similarly, 61% say inflation will also impact the types of gifts they request.

Two in five respondents (41%) even admit that there are gifts they would feel guilty asking for.

Of these respondents, 73% say they would feel guilty asking for something that is expensive, while others fear it would be too hard to find (25%), or too intimate or personal (20%).

On average, respondents use around 72% of the gifts given to them during the holiday season, particularly highlighting useful (48%), surprising (47%) and personalized (37%) gifts.

In the end, respondents prefer an affordable and thoughtful gift to a lavish and expensive gift (67% vs 7%).

“Gifts that are personalized, referencing the recipient in some way, are often the most popular,” a Minted spokesperson said. “Meaningful gifts, regardless of cost, can take many forms. Whether you’re giving keepsakes, everyday items, or even experiences, it’s really the thought that counts.

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